If ya haven’t heard, former Dip Set rapper Jim Jones announced he was now signed to his former rival Jay Z at Roc Nation.  In the mist of all the good news he sat down with Funk Master Flex for a pretty intimate interview about Jay Z, Dip Set, and Mona Scott.

Funk takes it way back to the early days of Dip Set at which point Jimmy gets pretty emotional when speaking on Cam & loyalty. (The tears start at about the 14:00 mark)

“Cam was the person who got signed. He was the face card. I understood that. I made sure that everyone around me understood that. He’s the prize possession. He can not be touched at all. If he get touched, we go there. And that was the method … I put my life on the line for this. I’ve been on trial for this. I’ve been on ‘America’s Most Wanted’ for this … So when people play with me, I get real emotional.”