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Ladies Night Out DOESN’T Have To Be Your Cheat Day!

Ladies, what if I told you that you CAN go out, have fun, and STILL stick to a healthy diet?

I know you’re probably thinking, “girl bye!” Who wants to worry about eating healthy while tryna’ have fun?

And you are absolutely right! Sometimes, it’s okay to go out and enjoy yourself completely without one worry.

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Summer means more get-togethers, more cookouts, more vacays, and more opportunity to eat all types of crazy.

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So, moderation is definitely a major key!

Before I learned these tips, I would sometimes decline the ladies night out invite, or just suck it up, cheat on my diet, and regret it when I hopped on the scale.


Here’s how you can enjoy Ladies Night and still stay summer time fine!

1. Shots! Shots! Shots!

giphy (14) Did you know, one serving of vodka contains only 64 calories and zero carbs? YES, ZERO carbs! Bih, whet? So skip the sugary drinks, and just take a shot! The problem is definitely in the mixtures. When you start ordering margaritas, sangrias, mai tai’s, you know sugary mixed drinks like that, it’s full of unnecessary carbs. For example, according to, a Frozen Daiquiri is 250 calories, with 47g of carbs! Not to mention the carbs you’d consume if you were to have more than one drink. Though shots aren’t as tasty, the mixed drinks are still not worth it… just take the shot!


When dining out, order protein, it’s your BFF. Eat as much lean chicken, fish, beef, and even pork that you want! Don’t worry, you can still order a cheeseburger too! It’s a great source of protein, however it’s only “healthy” without the bun. Ha. Remember carbs are the enemy. A tip I learned is when ordering food served on a bun, just eat one half of the bun. Take the top or bottom half of the bun off, and just use a fork and knife. This tip allows you to still enjoy the bread, but with half the carbs. You may look crazy doing it, but your scale will thank you in the morning.

3. Opt for a substitute side!

Most restaurants offer sweet potato fries, or my favorite, zucchini fries. These are definitely a healthier alternative to classic french fries. You can even go a step further and order a side salad, or a side of veggies.

Girl’s Night Out doesn’t have to scare you. You can still continue with your weight loss journey and have a little fun too!

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Your body will thank you!

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  1. Kirsten

    I loved thsee tips! Doesn’t hurt to try right?

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