Contouring was this new fad that we all have watched many YouTube videos to learn how to master, or…not so much. As much as some of us love AND hate her, Kim Kardashian is one of the makeup icons of our time. We watched and took notes as Kim Kardashian’s makeup artists highlighted with Ben Nye Banana Powder and the world began to follow suit. Some years later, Kim is changing up her distinct highlight and contouring style to what some call non-touring. Other makeup beauties have also followed the trend but…what is non-touring?! It’s exactly what you think it is, eliminating the whole contouring step out of your makeup process and instead focusing on glowing and illuminating your face. Similar to a “baby face” look, non-touring focuses on a natural fresh face with strobed features. This summer some are dropping all of the heavy globs of makeup and giving their beautiful faces a chance to breathe by implementing this non-touring style.

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Alright, you may be wondering how to do it? Non-touring requires little technique and even less products to bring out your natural beauty. This process begins with less foundation and more focus on dewy skin. Just in time for summer, this approach is what your skin needs, a break from the heavy layers of products. Grab your favorite face primer, something that has a shimmer to it to enhance your dewy glow. Then apply a lightweight foundation or opt for powder foundation (my preference). Next you add everybody’s favorite, highlighter. Aim to target the areas of your face where light would naturally hit, to find out exactly where read Where To Highlight and take a look at the associated graphic.

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This is my version of non-touring. I still clearly have makeup on, but it looks like a natural face.

Strobing is the illuminating step where you get your highlighter and go in all over your face. Be sure to pick a shade that’s comparable to your skin complexion and buff and blend if necessary.

For those people who rely on makeup for heavy coverage, this look might be a slight transition, but it will do wonders to your skin. Makeup is an art, it is something that is adaptable and interchangeable. So in order to make non-touring work for you, try different products and methods until you get your best results. When I non-tour I don’t use any liquids on my face and I go light with all my powders except blush because I love me some rosy cheeks. I hope that some of you try this look for summer 16 and let me know how it goes!

In this picture, my lashes are on fleek! Keep a look out to find out my lash secrets with no mascara!

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