Lifetime Aaliyah

Lifetime Aaliyah


As a die hard Aaliyah fan, I was truly disgusted at Lifetime’s Aaliyah bio pic.  Everything about it was absolutely horrible, from the casting, to the script to the wardrobe budget to the unbelievable casting.

Several celebrities including Timbaland, Christina Milian & even the VH1 shared their opinions via social media about the film…

Timbaland’s video response:

Vh1 tweeted: The #AaliyahMovie should’ve never been made

Christina Milian tweeted:  These #AaliyahMovie posts are killing me… Omg I’m on a plane but I think I know what not to watch. Don’t ruin #Aaliyahs story!? Love her. okay 4 u sensitive quick 2 hate people. i was simply saying that from what i see.. people don’t like it. Don’t ruin a legendary story. BYE! Respect to the #Aaliyah family. As she and they deserve.

Even the actress who starred in the movie as Aaliyah, Alexandra Shipp responded to the backlash on her personal Instagram page:

When watching my film tonight, know that I am human. Know that your words and your opinions are your own and that you may think you know, but until we speak face 2 face, you’ll never truly know who I am. That’s ok. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of my fans one day. Because I’m a fan of them too! I work hard, I put all my effort into whatever I do. At the end of the day I’m just a normal girl who got the opportunity of a lifetime and wouldn’t let that go for anything or anyone. Because that’s what dreams are: they’re YOURS. I’m following mine. I encourage and support EVERYONE in doing that for themselves. Because God put this role in my lap, I believe that, and I wasn’t going to throw a gift like that away. Y’all can hate, y’all can debate, but one thing the critics won’t do is win. God bless and please watch my movie #aaliyah #aaliyahmovie #aaliyahbiopic #aaliyahprincessofrandb

There’s no doubt the movie was horrible but in the end RATINGS is what this business is all about & Lifetime racked in 3.2 Million total viewers!

I’m hoping the rumors are true about Aaliyah’s family working on a REAL bio pic to be released in theaters. She deserves it.