Looks like there’s hope for the Wayne vs. Birman beef after all! And we have Mack Maine to think?

Mack Maine posted a photo of Wayne & Birman together in the club over NYE weekend,


United We Stand Divided We Fall!! #AubreyJustFinishedPerforming

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  #DaDirt is that Mack Maine set up a phone call between Wayne & Birdman just hours before they met up at Drake’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami.  Allegedly, the two both have ‘strong feelings’ about squashing the beef  but Wayne isn’t willing to dismiss the lawsuit unless they reach an agreement.

Wayne is currently suing Cash Money Records for $51 Million.

Just think about how awesome it would be if they could end all the beef & do a Ca$h Money Reunion Tour though!? No!? I know I’d be there!