Diagnosis: priapism, or an erection that lasts more than four hours not related to any sexual activity.

It’s like, a real thing bro!

A 32-year-old Georgia man was recently rushed to the ER, twice, for painful erections. Doctors believe it may have been caused by the use of marijuana.


The first time the young man, who wants to remain anonymous, went to the hospital it was because his boner lasted 12 whole hours. Once treated, two weeks later he was back again! This time his stiff eggplant lasted six hours, according to the report published by  Journal of Cannabis Research.


The care-giving team from Coliseum Medical Centers said, “He quit cannabis use in his twenties, and during this period did not have any episodes of priapism,” the team said in the report, speculating that the issue could have been triggered by prolonged weed use.

“Everything here is hypothetical until validated by research. Marijuana is a vasodilator so it could lead to over-dilation of the penile vessels. Oftentimes marijuana can be tainted with other drugs/chemicals, so the additives could be the cause of the problem.”

Brahmbhatt, a urologist says priapism is no joke.

“The concern is if the erection lasts more than four hours the penis can lose vital oxygen and nutrients,” Brahmbhatt says. “This can lead to pain, swelling, loss of future erections, and loss of the penis.”


Wow. Be careful out there fellas.