It’s Grammy weekend in Los Angeles and it looks as though all the celebs are shopping for drip in the same stores!

Meek Mill and his Ex, Nicki Minaj, along with her new husband, Kenneth Petty, were all spotted browsing  around at Maxfiield in West Hollywood. Sources say Meek was inside with about 10 of his homeboys when Nicki and Kenneth pulled up not too long after, arriving alone. Witness say Meek went to squash the beef with Kenneth when Kenneth asked Meek to keep ‘the same energy he’s always had’ and asked him outside for a one-on-one. After the shouting match, Meek was escorted out of the store by his security team and some of the people who work at the store.

There is video circulating from TMZ, of all three of them and their entourages getting into some sort of shouting match.


We’re glad people intervened before things got too ugly.