Most of us know the formula for smarter spending: Maximize money coming in, optimize money going out.


But then of course, life happens.

Shoes go on sale, bar tabs get a little pricey and then it’s…


Don’t worry millennials, we can still rule the world! We just need to be smarter about our finances. But let’s be honest, our biggest issues seem to be:

✨ Lack of budgeting

✨ Undisciplined habits

✨ Failure to save and invest

Let’s not forget to mention there are more than a few millennial-specific trends that that could impact financial habits in a variety of ways. We all know Lyft rides, Postmates and Grubhub add up-quickly!

According to Pew Research, reports find that millennials:

✨ Have lower employment rates and higher education rates than previous generations
✨ Have made living with a parent the most common young adult living arrangement for the first time on record

So, how should us millennials become smarter spenders? Here’s some guidance:

I know, this sounds boring but it’s very critical. Modify it as your circumstances change and you’ll find eventually find comfort in having a foundation.


You may be blowing more money than you think on services you don’t use.


Use digital tools to snag coupons and score free shipping.

Go off-season. Make an extra connection for a cheaper fare. Take the bus.

Take the edge off by allowing yourself the occasional indulgence.