#MondayMotivation: 4 Tips For Easing Into A Fitness Journey

Monday’s aren’t always all bad.
Its a new week, a new start and it’s a new opportunity to set a new goal!

With summer literally around the corner, when’s a better time to start?
Starting a fitness journey can be very intimidating, but just know, starting is the hardest part.

When starting a fitness journey, you have to ease your way into it. A lot of people make a “commitment” at the beginning of the week and fail because their goals are simply not realistic.

Here are some quick tips for easing into a fitness journey:

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1. Start slow!
You can’t expect to jump into a crazy diet… going from eating McDonalds everyday to just eating fruit and vegetables. It doesn’t work like that, boo. You’d be miserable, and dieting isn’t suppose to be miserable. So start slow and make weekly changes. Start by saying, this week, I won’t drink any soda, or I won’t eat any fried foods. Watch how much of a difference that makes.

2. Add water!
Your body needs water. How long would you go without watering your plants? Not too long or else they’ll die, right? Well treat your body the same way. For this week, start by adding 8 glasses of water each day to your normal routine. Then slowly start to increase your water intake and decrease the amount of sugary drinks you consume.

3. Move that body!
You have to move!!! You don’t have to start out by going to the gym every day and doing intense hour long workouts. Nah. But you can start out by walking. Walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes, hit 20 sit-ups before bed, or 20 jumping jacks once you wake up.

4. Set goals for you!
You can’t expect to lose 30 pounds this week, so set realistic goals. Understand that this is a process, and all good things DO take time. With each good decision you make towards your fitness journey, know that there is progress being made. YOU CAN DO IT!

After adding these four tips, continue to push yourself.
I promise you’ll notice changes to your body and you’ll want to do more and go further!

Your fitness journey should be all about you and your comfort level. Have fun and enjoy the process to a better you.

Xoxo, Ryen