Here’s some #MondayMotivation for ya!

There’s a couple of things you should never forget; something your mom taught you, something your dad taught you, and of course something Ms. Badu taught you.

Today’s #MondayMotivation comes from a throwback quote from Muva Badu herself.

Ms. Badu says she believes that to be healthy, people only need five “doctors.”

Ms. Badu tweeted, “I subscribe to the understanding that we basically need only 5 doctors:
1. Dr. Nutrition
2. Dr. Exercise
3. Dr. Sun
4. Dr. Sleep
5. Dr. Spirit.”

A lot of times we don’t give ourselves enough attention. So take a moment, breathe, and ask yourself, what will make me feel GOOD?

It’s important to align your body, mind and soul with positive energy and vibes, so make it your mission to prescribe to these doctors this week… you deserve it!

Thank you, Ms. Badu!