Is it officially BIG LATTO yet?  

Will she ever post her boo thang?

 How did she get on the #GoCrazy Remix and literally go crazy like that?!

She also shared how excited she is to be working on a new project just in time for Summer 2021!

Now Latto you know we need us a good Summer anthem honey!

It’s been refreshing watching Mulatto flourish throughout the years as her bars keep getting hotter and hotter and thee looks just keep coming!

She’s making her mark as one of the many female rappers out here that’s actually here to go the distance. At such a young age she’s accomplished so much with so much more in store. As long as the Queen of the Souf  continues to keep her love life private and outshine the fellas on each and every one of her features, there will be no debate that she is the illest, realist, b*tch from the south!

We even played a little game of Questions 4 Da Culture to make sure she was really ’bout that life! Come to find out, even with all her success, her Granny still won’t let her just come in the house and open the fridge without washing her hands. Now that’s the kinda humbling we all need sometimes.