The DRAMA continues even in quarantine!

Looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special is still bringing the HEAT even while being filmed via zoom. Sources report several storylines bursting into flames, shade being thrown x10 and Nene Leakes walking off the zoom set! HUH?

You read that right.

Nene decided to share her thoughts and explain why she walked off the taping by closing her laptop. Nene says she was a target for the first two hours of taping:


Nene also mentioned that the show producers never gave anyone any type of break to gather themselves during the taping:

“They had not said on here once, ‘We gon’ have a pee break! Anybody want some water?’ We have our drinks, so we can just drink whatever we wanna drink…I closed my computer. I went to go use the bathroom, and I thought, ‘I need a break, so I’m just gon’ take a break.’ Whenever I felt like I wanted to take a break, I was gon’ take a break- because I’m [if] just the person you’re gonna ask questions to, I’mma need a break a little bit more than everybody else, I guess.”

So sis gave herself a break okay!?


Nene also shared that she didn’t think it was fair to question her about her friendship with Wendy Williams.

Is it me or this Nene & Wendy relationship seems really rocky and weird anyway? Either way it sounds like this first ever quarantine edition of the #RHOA reunion isn’t gonna skip a BEAT! We ready!