Well, you know how the saying goes, there’s somebody for everybody!

There’s a dating app for beard lovers, conspiracy theorist and Trump supporters and now, for men with eggplants that are smaller than 5. inches and the people who love them. Introducing, ‘Dinky One.’

“Some men are big, some average and some below average. Dinky One lets smaller men date people outside their circle of friends with the safety that everyone using the site is fully aware. Members can focus on shared interests and get on with dating.”


Well that solves the whole awkward moment of truth.

Believe or not, Dinky One started with about 27,000 users when it launched March 9th growing about 5,000 members a day. According to current data,  fifth of the men who join are gay, bi but anyone–straight, queer, trans–are welcomed!

Founded by David Minns, Dinky One hopes to combat the pressure by the media and porn industries to confirm to certain ideals — in this case, a huge cock.

“I find sex painful with a man bigger than four inches and in the past have had to resort to oral but miss that close intimacy of sex,” says a 28-year-old.

The site is not available as a mobile app — doesn’t require users to add photos and explicitly bans sharing nude images on the platform. Anonymous profiles are allowed, so long as an email address is given.

I just wanna know if since we’re HERE if we can go ahead and accommodate the men with BIG ***** so we can browse? No?