Fellow Media Queen Ryen Watkins wrote Health Tip: 6 Benefits of Coconut Oil where she featured some of the many uses of good old coconut oil. As was mentioned, coconut oil is amaze-balls for a hot oil treatment, it will give your hair life after all of the damaging things we do to our locs. Coconut oil is great for removing makeup and to cook with, but do you know how to apply its incredible nutrients to your skin? Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream. 

No matter what I use to shave or how expensive my shaving cream is, I always end up a little dry skinned and well… prickly.

Didn’t I just spend the last 15 minutes shaving, WHY AM I SO PRICKLY?

If you too have these same issues, coconut oil might be your one stop shop and here’s how to use it to shave:

If you’ve never used it, coconut oil starts out white and solid. Once it comes into contact with your skin and you bring warmth to the product it will turn into a clear liquid. A little really goes a long way because essentially you’re melting it, so you shouldn’t need any more than a teaspoon or so per leg to get the job done. The next step would be to rinse your hands because the oil will be slippery and you want a good grip on your razor. After using coconut oil to shave, not only have you moisturized your skin, but you’re able to get a very close shave. Try it out and let me know how this works for you! Stop wasting tons of money on shaving cream and get you some of this good good!

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