H U N C H O 🌵J A C K

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Huncho & Cactus Jack about to light the Summer up.

It’s no secret that these two have been in the studio cookin up some fire over the past few months. Rumors have been swirling since earlier this year with the success of Birds In The Trap Sing Brian McKnight and Migo’s Culture releases.

Travis pretty much confirmed the project’s production back in March and previewing two tracks from the project, “Rerun” and “Lo-Fi,” on Beats 1 Radio with Zane Lowe. Quavo just confirmed this week that the project is almost done.

If past collabs between these two are any indication of what the project sounds like, Summer ’17 party playlist just went way up.

Meanwhile, if you have about 14 minutes to waste. Check out Hunhco jacks new Birds In the Trap short film.


Eh. Keyword waste.