Scott Dissick  checked himself into a facility in Colorado on April 28th but now he’s officially checked out!

Scott’s lawyer explains,  “In an effort to finally come to terms and deal with the pain that Scott has been silently suffering for many years due to the sudden death of his mother, followed by the death of his father 3 months later, Scott made the decision to check himself into a rehab facility last week to work on his past traumas.”

Allegedly, there has been heavy cocaine and alcohol abuse along with mourning the death of his parents. Reports say Kourtney Kardashian and Scott’s current girlfriend Sofia Richie both encouraged him to get help.

“At the end of the day, Scott needs to be clean to be around his children and family and that’s everyone’s main focus right now … is Scott’s sobriety and the kids having a healthy father.”

Listen, we want Lord Dissick to get well as soon as possible and we don’t appreciate whomever leaked his zoom photo!


During one of first zoom meetings, someone leaked a photo of him virtually checking in so he’s since checked out with plans to sue for privacy reasons. Rightfully so! TMZ says Scott’s team believes the photo was taken by a staff member and not a patient, and that could trigger criminal prosecution.


“We are alarmed by this extreme invasion of privacy and plan to take immediate legal action.”

Prayerfully Scott can resume with getting the help he’s seeking with professionals he can trust.

Remember May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Seeking help should be 100% confidential and you should feel as if you’re in a safe space.