I mean, we’ve all been there. Pay day is a week a way and an unexpected expense comes up and you’re a little short on cash.

Okay, let’s be all the way honest here– a lot of bit short. So what are our options; Payday loan? Grab the credit card? Do something strange for a little piece of change? 


What if we could simply use an app to access the money you’ve earned at your job that hasn’t been paid yet? Flexible Payday! HR software and services giant Automatic Data Processing (ADP) AND Paylocity are leading the way in helping deliver employees money faster. In May 2019, ADP reported that more than half employees would actually pay for early access to their pay at least once per year.

“Mobile technology in general has really changed people’s concepts of money and the speed of being able to transact with money,” says Doug Politi, president of compliance solutions at ADP.

Which is true! I am an avid fan of Cash App, Vemno and Zelle. I even use restaurant apps to order my food prior to my arrival.

Earlier this month ADP began to offer the option to employers through a third-party provider. Payroll is highly regulated so this takes dedication, planning and analysis before employers can decide if this is an option they’d like to offer. It would be essential that they pay attention and record any absences, overtime and other pay fluctuations.

With opportunities like this on the horizon, would you be in favor of flexible pay days from your job? Or just, a raise?