It’s been so longggg! Happy Summer 17 y’all! I hope everybody is out there glowing and growing, skin flourishing, hair growing, booty jumping allat! You know I’m dying to talk makeup trends for this summer but before I get into that I wanted to dive in to #SkinEssentials. We have to start exfoliating our skin, including our faces and more.


Let me rewind this back, I started getting sugared consistently about 6 months ago and it’s been drastically changing the condition of the skin near my happy box. I’m very prone to ingrown hairs which then lead to painful bumps (not alarming bumps, you obviously know when you have an ingrown hair) which leads to scarring of that area and I prefer my happy box pretty. During one of my sugaring appointments, I was told that exfoliating my skin with my normal body wash and exfoliating gloves would do wonders to diminish ingrowns and clearing my skin. So for about $5 bucks I grabbed some exfoliating gloves from Target and began implementing the gloves each time I showered. LET ME TELL YOU, my skin started flourishing, she was smooth and less and less ingrowns popped up, I felt very satisfied. Hmmmm, I wondered what exfoliation would do to my face and I must say it’s one of the best updates that I’ve made to my skin regimen.


I was nervous about exfoliating my face because I thought it might be too harsh. I’ve used the grainy face wash products and scrubs we’ve all seen that have caused my skin to react differently and I wasn’t impressed. I currently take my normal face wash and use exfoliating gloves to cleanse my face just like I do my bikini line. This helps me deep clean makeup out of my pores, clear away dead skin cells and overall improve the texture of my skin. When I exfoliate my face it feels baby bottom soft and my face has a radiant glow that I attribute to my new scrub. I do not find this method harsh to my skin, but I also don’t overdo it. Don’t scrub for an extended period of time, simply make gentle circular massage like motions around your face with exfoliating gloves on and it gets the job done. I personally like to wash the remaining face wash off with a cotton pad or washcloth to hit any areas that were missed and voila! Skin so beautiful!


As mentioned above, I am prone to ingrown hairs and also get them on my chin/neck (yes I get hair on my neck big deal) this skin care process has helped keep my skin flawless from top to bottom. My makeup goes on a lot smoother, my complexion looks sun kissed and my fresh face is vibrant making me feel confident with my natural glow. Let me know what you think after trying this out!  And as always, keep your eyes on Sky for more insiders!