There’s something so sexy about lips, especially full lips. Unfortunately everyone wasn’t exactly blessed with luscious lips, so people pay to get them plumped up. There’s absolutely no reason to do that, so forget the lip injections and instead use makeup to enhance your natural goodness and not camouflage it. To make your lips look extra juicy learn how to use a lip liner, lipstick and gloss to create what females are out here buying. Here’s how:


All you need is a lip liner and your favorite lipstick or gloss to make this happen. The trick is in how you line your lips: over line them to make them look a little bigger. When you over line your lips you are creating a larger canvas for your lipstick. Once you expand that area of your face go ahead and fill it in with whatever color you’re using. It takes a little practice to completely master lip lining, sometimes I do mine and I look in the mirror like ‘Skylar wheeet?’ but you’ll get it with time.


To the best of your ability take a liner color slightly darker and/or comparable to the lip color you that you want to wear and trace the outer edges of your lips like pictured above. Be very gentle when doing this to avoid a harsh line, you’ll want to just barely graze the skin around your lips to over line them. This creates a defined lip shape and when you cheat and over line you appear to have larger lips than what you do. After you line around your lips try this other trick before you fill them in. Once you over line your lips then do what I like to call contouring your lips. Take that same lip liner and draw a line down the center of both of your lips and do two other lines on each lip that criss cross like an X. Shade in the very corners of your lips as well.

Lip-Contouring-1images (3)

For example, I like to use the MAC lip liner Cork or Chesnut to contour my lips, both are brown colors Cork is a little lighter than Chesnut, but both are great for learning how to do this. Simply line both of your lips and slightly over line them grazing the skin just around your lips, contour and then add your favorite color. When I use cork, I like to fill my lips fully in with the pencil then use Lightly Charred as a color and in the very center of my lips adding my favorite nude lip color Yash. Yeah, there’s levels to this, you really have to be willing to play around with colors and seeing what works for you. You may wonder why am I adding a nude color in the center of my lips? Well we all know that white makes something look bigger and wider and since I want to expand the appearance of my lips, adding a light color to the center of my lips and blending them makes my lips look slightly fuller. And if you’re still looking to make your lips look a little juicier, try a gloss on top of your lip stick and this will make your lips pop even more!

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That’s it y’all! Look out for this week’s #HolyGrail more on lips this week! Keep your eyes on Sky for more insiders!