Finally, SZA is in CTRL.

CTRL is one of the most highly anticipated debut albums this year. Although, it’s been a long time coming for SZA’s day one fans, they should be proud & have no worries, because the project is just in time for a simmering sexy Summer.

Out via RCA and TDE the songstress has described CTRL as a concept album.

 “I’ve lacked control my whole life and I think I’ve craved it my whole life. I couldn’t really arrive at it and now, I’m not really looking to arrive at it anymore. I’m just happy to be present. It’s weird. If you try to control a future moment, it’s impossible. There’s no such thing as control anyway. It’s just a concept, a word, a fantasy. But if you focus on the way you feel in the now and what you do with the now, I feel like it leads to having true control in the future.”

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 “I [wrote about] my younger life, which was haphazard. Being at ­sleep away camp away from my parents, being the only black girl, not even noticing until I got older, dealing with boys, self-hate, growth, and God. It’s the first time I’m literally writing about my life instead of figuratively writing about it.”

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