Looks like new mama Nicki just can’t catch a break in the new year.

News broke earlier today that the rap superstar is now facing a $200 million lawsuit from her former friend, Brinx Billions, for allegedly stealing his record, ‘Rich Sex’ on her ‘Queen’ album without compensating him.

(Here’s the record below, remember this joint?)

Yeah, me neither. Either way, she may have to cough up the bread.

Allegedly she’s already been trying to cough up hella bread or at least $20K to her husband, Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim from 1994. His alleged rape victim has spoken out on a few separate occasions but she’s never shown her face until now.


Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim tearfully pleads with Nicki Minaj and her husband to stop harassing her family.

The victim also stated she was bribed with $20K to write a letter for Kenneth for his upcoming court case for failing to register as a sex offender in California.


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