Let’s be honest, she probably has enough pacifiers and bibs okay? Let’s talk gifts for new moms -that aren’t for the baby!

Coming home with a baby for the first time can be very overwhelming. If you decide to visit mama and baby the first rule is–do not invite yourself. Make it clear that you don’t want to intrude and that you understand mama needs to rest as well. Secondly, do not come empty handed. Period. Bring something! Anything!

Here is a list of the top gifts I received after having Baby Kash:

  1. UberEats Gift Card–  Definitely one of the best gifts you could give a mom who’s just come home from the hospital. Trust. Mommy is tired and barely has time to eat, let alone cook for herself. I remember one time I was so excited to just enjoy a hot bowl of oatmeal while Kash had gone down for a morning nap. I went to sit down and spilled the oatmeal all over my shag rug. I got up immediately to clean it up and by time I was finished cleaning–Kash was awake again. I say all that to say, enjoying a hot meal with zero to no cooking or cleaning is a small luxury to moms.  Get her a $25 food delivery gift card and she will be forever grateful..
  2. Victoria Secret Gift Card– Or wherever sells comfy and sexy underwear. Our bodies go through so much during this time, there’s nothing like walking into Victoria Secret to cop new underwear after having a baby! I’d been wearing C-Section, high-waisted undies for months. Not cute at all plus I was no longer a medium. (Helloo child bearing hips!)  It’s just something about fresh new undies that may just unlock mama’s sexy all over again  $100 gift card for new undies could do wonders here.
  3. Foot Spa– Listen, mama is putting in that work! It may be awhile before she’s able to get to a spa with a new baby and all so bring the spa to her! Nothing like enjoying a foot spa rub down after putting the baby to bed. Here’s a good one:  Bubble Foot Spa
  4. Air  Diffuser– You don’t have to break the bank and she can always have more than one! A diffuser can help calm the atmosphere even when managing new mommy duties can be a little chaotic. It’s great for ALLERGIES and to reduce GERMS associated with flu/colds. It can also act as a humidifier and improves your air quality.  Check this one out: Teo Essential Aromatherapy Humidifier 
  5. Tote Bag-The last thing we want is Mommy being the poster child for Erykah Badu’s bag lady. A cute tote bag for all of her ‘mom shit’ will definitely be useful! Maybe mommy is just running a quick errand and wants to put a few baby essentials in one bag along with her wallet, keys and phone without bringing two separate bags? Maybe mommy needs to bring her breast pump and other baby essentials that don’t necessarily fit in a diaper bag. Finding a cute tote bag is simple and useful. Trust.