Last nights biggest night in music held up to some pretty memorable moments. With that being said, it was a bit less of a snoozefest.IMG_1276

Here are some of our red carpet show stoppers…

IMG_1269   IMG_1267


Besides the red carpet statements, there were a few noteworthy political statements. Joy Villa wowed the crowd with this Make America Great Again dress, supporting  Trump. Don’t worry, we don’t know who she is either. Her dress was designed by Andre Soriano. Apparently she’s a singer/songwriter and is now No. 1 on iTunes.

IMG_1278Tribe Called Quest also made a helluva political    statements with their epic performance as well.IMG_1275IMG_1274

Beyonce’s performance pushed the envelope & offered eye catching visuals. Watch her full performance HERE.

Perhaps one of the biggest winner highlights came from Adele giving Beyoncé her Album of the Year Award.