Birdman was set to sit down for an interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, but it turned out to be their shortest and might we add funniest interviews ever! Rapper Birdman enters the studio cussing out The Breakfast Club team and demanding that they “respect” him and his name. We all know that The Breakfast Club is the most dangerous morning show on the radio, they get the answers and provide the details and information that listeners want. As of recently The Breakfast Club and host’s success have skyrocketed. The Breakfast Club syndicates in cities all over the country, and, and host Charlemagne is in his 2nd season of “Uncommon Sense” on MTV2. The shows success is skyrocketing and the majority of the internet was on their side. It is their job to ask the questions and voice their opinion, and if someone doesn’t want to be a part of he or she should stay away. Honestly, if Lil Mama can make it through a whole interview with the trio anyone should be able to, but Birdman was not having it!

The interview, clips, and memes went viral in typical 2016 form and you can check it out here: 


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