(Joey Rosado Photography) 

The Colored Girl Project is a campaign made of 10 diverse Black Women. It’s founders, Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones, started this movement to celebrate how beautiful colored women are, no matter what shade their skin is. Society’s standards of beauty doesn’t exactly embrace a colored girl, especially those with a darker tone. Even our own culture puts a stigma on skin tone. With movements like this hopefully that stigma will start to change and all women of color can start embracing their beauty. Like the women in this campaign whether you’re; light, dark, rock afros, braids, dreads, or a weave melanin is a beautiful thing, and you should own it!


(Joey Rosado Photography) 

Tori and Victory, pictured above, have definitely started something positive and I definitely see success. They already have a feature in Cosmopolitan Magazine. When asked what their mission is, Tori stated,

“We wanted to do something that was very classy and elegant to display the beauty of Black women. The reason why we call it “The Colored Girl Project” is because we wanted to take a term that was derogatory and negative, and turn it into something beautiful.” (Maya Allen)

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