Straight up! SHE TRIED IT!

Gayle King is getting dragged from all facets on the internet because of her most recent interview with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie.

This (above)  seems to be an edited version CBS This Morning uploaded to their page but still, peep the flow.

Everyone is PISSED at Gayle’s line of questioning when it came to Kobe Bryant and his legacy. She insisted on bringing up his sexual accusations but our girl Lisa Leslie handled her like she handles that ball on the court honey! Flawlessly!

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg reacted with exactly what we were already thinking: what do you gain from that Gayle?

Boosie Bad Azz shared his sentiments too:


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@gayleking 😡😡😡SAD SMH

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Gayle, you and Oprah starting to look reallll funny in the light. You two really never seem to have that same energy with your own friends. Interesting…

  Gayle has in fact read the nasty comments and has decided to release a video explaining herself. She says, she is mortified.


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