The “Hard In The Paint” rapper recently announced that he wants to use his influence and real life experience  to help prevent suicide and bring awareness.


Back in 2013, Waka’s brother committed suicide at just 27-years-old from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The rapper and reality television star as spoken on the impact of losing his sibling to suicide in several instances, but in particularly on an episode of Viceland’s “The Therapist,” he hinted at his reasoning for retirement from the rap game:

“Before my little brother killed himself, I didn’t pick up the phone. And I seen him call. I’m like, ‘F*ck, let me call Kayo back soon as this sh*t over with.’ I call him back; no answer…I don’t know who else he called, but what if I picked that call up? That’s when I said, ‘Yo, this rap sh*t? F*ck this rap sh*t!’ I’m trying to work so much to keep everybody happy, that reality is going by.”

We look forward to seeing how Waka goes about helping those who need it the most.