There’s no surprise that the star of this season of NBC’s The Voice hails from Richmond, Virginia. VA is known for being the home of some the most undeniable talent in the music industry. Terry Pinkard, better known as T-Soul is no exception.


The 29-year-old singer has been singing and performing all of his life. It only takes about 2.3 seconds of hearing his voice to know that this talent was God given. I can recall attending Virginia State University with Terry & watching him performing during campus events while pushing his ‘Love & Music” project throughout campus. (His record ‘Rain’ was pretty much on repeat in Byrd Hall.) All of his peers pretty much agreed: that boy can sanggg.

With a little dab of Stevie Wonder and a pinch of Al Green, TSoul’s version of “Take Me To The River” completely wowed the crowd. It was probably his effortlessly controlled vocal runs and naturally soulful delivery that did the trick.

Shockingly enough, T-Soul joining country crooner #TeamBlake is very much a power move. This gives him the platform to stand apart from any other contestant and makes you want to pay even closer attention. Many fans of the show already believe he’s the one that will take the trophy!

Don’t try to hop on the bandwagon later, all aboard the T-Soul train now!