Okay, so if you’re interested in getting a Bikini or a Brazilian wax, I want to clear up any questions or anxiety’s that you may have. The first time that I got a Brazilian wax was about a year ago and I was so nervous that I read so many articles on waxing beforehand because I wanted to know what to expect, so read below to find out my experience with mowing the lawn:

Know the difference: Bikini or Brazilian? A Bikini Wax only removes hair from the bikini line, whereas a Brazilian gets everything under the sun, including your buns. In either of these wax styles, you can opt to leave a little hair or a landing strip on top, now the purpose of that is completely beside me, but to each his own.




Before you get a wax, grow the hair from the thunder down under to at least a rice grain size length. This is very important because you definitely want enough hair for your wax esthetician to work with, but you don’t want it too long either. If it’s too long she will trim it for you, but try to find yourself in the middle of too short and too long. Also, just before you arrive to your appointment, take a shower. You want to be fresh down there because your esthetician will be all up in your business and you want to be clean. When you’re escorted to your wax room you will be left alone for a few minutes to undress from the waist down, there will be a disposable thong for you to put on and/or a disposable cloth to lay over your lower half. THAT is your opportunity to grab a wet wipe which is provided in the room and freshen up, even if you think you’re clean a quick wipe won’t hurt. After a few minutes, your esthetician will come back into the room and she will move the paper sheet covering you and ask you to put your legs in a “frog position” as in legs Indian style but put your feet together instead of criss cross. And from there she will begin to wax. Now this lady is going to talk your head off to try to distract you, let’s be clear that shit does not work. You will still feel the pain of the wax, but try not to think about it. My first time, I nervously laughed through the whole thing, nothing was funny but I was sweating like crazy and this lady clearly wanted me to kick her in the face, so I laughed away. I remember my line sister telling me that she could hear me from all the way out in the waiting room, it’s that intense. The esthetician will continue to talk and she’ll tell you about how she does her own waxes all the while diligently working and rotating between using hard and soft wax. You’ll find that you don’t like hard wax very much, but it is essential to this process.

Yes, getting a Brazilian wax hurts and you might bleed a little bit. Brazilians are just like a wax to your eyebrows, it’s not the worst thing in the world but hair is being pulled from your body, there’s a level of pain that you can’t escape. The spas that I’ve been too have used two types of wax: hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax is applied as a warm liquid that is left a few moments on the skin to dry to a thicker consistency and then it is pulled by hand to remove hair. Soft wax is kept at a hotter temperature than hard wax and is the typical liquid wax that’s removed by using a piece of cloth. I’m not going to kid you, the hard wax is a b!tch when she starts getting towards the lips but just thug it out you will love the smooth box that you’re left with. It’s really important to keep your legs in this frog position and to not flinch your body anticipating the pain. Sometimes your esthetician may ask you to hold an area of your skin in place or slightly adjust your position, just go with her directions. When it is time to get the booty that means she’s done the front THANK GOODNESS. Some people will have you raise your leg -one at a time- to your chest as soft wax is placed on your backside. Some will have you completely rollover, lay on your stomach to bust it low and spread it wide- literally spread your cheeks. The butt actually doesn’t hurt, it just feels weird. It’s not painful at all, you just feel your skin being tugged on in the most not painful way that you can think of. I can’t explain it, but trust me when I say it doesn’t hurt. If you’re just getting a bikini, that doesn’t include the backside and your waxer will ask you to clarify what you want at the start of the appointment.




Afterwards you may experience some swelling, tenderness and redness. Although, it feels like forever, the entire process takes about 15 minutes. Once your done, there may be a little blood and soreness that will go away shortly. Your wax esthetician will wipe your bikini area and give you a chance to clean yourself up and get dressed. That’s about it for the wax, once it’s over you will adore your smooth new box. Refrain from any activities that involve that area until at least a day or two after your wax. Waxing is a lot better than shaving, this process eliminates razor bumps and ingrown hairs and the more that you get it done the less painful it becomes. This varies per person, but your Brazilian Wax should last you between 2 full weeks and a month. With a few razor touch ups, I’ve been able to stretch it out to a month. Cost wise a Bikini Wax is slightly cheaper than a Brazilian and depending on the area that you live in the prices may vary. I think that a wax is worth it, #SkylarSaysYes go try a Brazilian or Bikini wax for yourself! In a few weeks, I’m going to try ‘Sugaring’ I’ll let you know how that goes!

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