You probably see her name everyday at this point.

Oprah purchased 26 billboards in Louisville asking for  #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor.

Your favorite ball players are using their post game press conference interviews to shed light on arresting the cops that killed Breonna Taylor. However, it’s been over 150 days since she was killed. So why haven’t the cops been arrested?

Well, according to The Marshall Project, arresting the cops in this case won’t be easy at all. It’s all because of a very complex legal doctrine called the ‘Castle Doctrine.’ This doctrine applies in Taylor’s home state of Kentucky as well as 28 other states.  The doctrine gives people the right to use deadly force against an intruder in their home, but according to the Kentucky law, those protections do not allow someone to harm officers who enter their home, as long as the officers announce themselves or the homeowner blatantly aware that they’re police.

There is no specific law that addresses an officer firing in self-defense, which means officers have the same right as the homeowner. The difference is that police have the power to initiate violence, as they did the night they killed Breonna Taylor.

Although Taylor lawyers are still optimistic about justice being served, it’s just deciding what kind of charges will actually stick.

According to Colin Miller, a professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law researching the Kentucky criminal code on behalf of Taylor’s family, he says the probable cause needed for an arrest is an “exceedling low bar.”

“If you have a shooting death, it’s going to be pretty difficult to argue you can’t at least charge some type of crime in that case, whether it be endangerment manslaughter or murder.”

Experts say manslaughter would likely be the best chance at getting justice for Breonna.

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