The Baddest B*tch is getting dragged for blood on social media right now!

Wednesday morning on “The Trick N’ Trina Morning Show” the Miami rapper shared some rather unpopular opinions about the George Floyd protest in her city.

“Keep everybody off the street — these animals off the street — that’re running around in Miami-Dade County acting like they escaped from a zoo.”

The conversation took another awkward turn when her longtime friend and radio show co-host Trick Daddy tried to explain the importance of these protests.

“When the police get behind you and them red and blue light come on,” Trick said, “you’re not supposed to be scared.”

“I’m never scared,” Trina interjected. “I have my license and registration and insurance. I know my rights.”


Although the Diamond Princess made it clear she’s had a friend whose business has been destroyed in the midst of the protest, Trick Daddy reminded her that her friend’s insurance would allow her business to eventually be restored.

“My friend got insurance but she also been locked down for 60 days also like us and she also don’t have money like me so I don’t approve it,” Trina retorted.

Trina’s comments started blowing up on Twitter with the cancel culture doing what they normally do and even going as far as starting a petition to get her off the air.