It’s the “GET THIS DANCE!” for me.

Johnniqua Charles, a 27-year-old from Dillon, South Carolina, has gone viral and it is completely changing her life.

The footage is from February when Charles was homeless, dealing with addiction and estranged from her 3-year-old son and family.

The very first post of this video was on Facebook by the guard seen in the video, Julius Locklear, on February 5th. He made it very clear,  “Okay IM NOT POSTING THIS TO BE FUNNY TOWARDS THIS SUBJECT!!!!” Locklear wrote in his Facebook post. “I’m posting it cause that rap was lit like I wish I could put a beat to it lol.”

Locklear, whose day job is in bail enforcement, explained to BuzzFeed News that the incident happened at Diamonds Gentlemen Club in Dillion, SC. He had his colleague film the incident because his body camera wasn’t working. He said he was detaining Charles for trespassing after he twice asked her to leave the club. Charles explained that she was simply trying to retrieve her purse she’d accidentally left inside the club.

“The situation had nothing to do with race or discrimination,” he said. “You can see me handling it professionally and trying to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t.”

Charles says she found out she’d gone viral after a former classmate sent it to her on Facebook. Later, her sister Andrea reached out to her.

Andrea then set up an Instagram for her sister:


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I’m glad this video touched many of you and made you smile. Thanks for all the love. -Johnniqua Charles

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Started selling T-shirts,  and created a GoFundMe that has raised about $50,000 so far.

“The only reason that the GoFundMe and those platforms were created were people were begging to donate to her,” Andrea said. “Once I made her Instagram, people were flooding in, saying, ‘How can I bless her? She just blessed my day so much. She just made my day.’ So the only reason it was created was so people could bless her life.”

Other people keep telling me I helped them so much, but they don’t understand — nobody understands — how much this video going viral like this is helping me, because it’s giving me the breakthrough I so badly needed for so long!” Johnniqua expressed in a new video.

Now that’s real! We wish Johnniqua Charles and her family the best!