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Don’t Date Me, I’ll Date You

Are you interested in someone? Do you have a special person? Are you “talking” to someone? Are you dating someone? Are you in a relationship? Shit idk.


All I know is I finally feel like I’ve gotten a grip on this whole single, sexy and free thang! So my motto is, don’t date me honey- I’ll date you. First, understand that I am busy. Also, understand that sometimes I’m busy even when it doesn’t look like I’m busy to you. Quality time with myself and self-care is imperative when you’re juggling a demanding career and brand building. If I am into you and for whatever reason I begin to feel like I’m making myself tooooo available for you all of a sudden…then *poof* I’m busy as hell again.


Don’t date me. I’ll date you.


Everyone dates differently. It’s important to find someone who’s idea of dating matches yours. I’m upfront in the beginning. I was out on a platonic date a few years ago when I received some dating advice that really stuck with me: only give what I’m receiving.




  1. the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.



There was a time where I just wanted to give, give, give. I’ve built this amazing career that has amazing perks and sometimes I just wanted to share my experiences with someone. Anyone. But after a few episodes of singing my own version of Beyonce’s ‘Resentment’, I realized, not everyone deserves that. Even if what it is I’m sharing isn’t a big deal to me personally- it’s still something I should give out exclusively like Willy Wonka’s Golden ticket.


So now, don’t date me-I’ll date you.


As I say that understand that I am allowing myself to control the tempo as we date but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want him to take control. I think every woman essentially wants someone we can submit too after a long day of being a boss babe. Submission however requires a tremendous amount of trust that you truly have my best interest at heart. Trust that you can lead me into becoming the best version of myself.


But most of these guys don’t even know where the hell they’re going most of the time so, don’t date me-I’ll date you. Because I’m currently married to my goals anyway.


  1. T-Mac

    Time to switch teams mama. I really do believe that women appreciate all aspects of a relationship more than men. I know you’re far from lesbian but I never understood how people put a filter on love.

    Peace & Blessings

  2. Jermike’

    First let me say your a beautiful women period but we both know good black don’t crack so

    Anyways I as a man that beliefs In self presavation as a Golden rule in life can’t help but to feel like sometimes I loose my relationships working on me and building my

    My question to you is when you do find yourself “ dating someone “ how do you go about balancing fulfilling the request of your demanding career and nutriaing your relationship enough so that as you grow in one area the other doesn’t fall short

  3. Kool Robb

    Glad I took the time to read your post ☺️

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