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2018: GO BIG!



I am not the same person I was before 2017 started. I’ve learned some major keys this year that I can’t wait to apply in 2018 and life in general, moving forward.  A few major keys I’m keeping with me:


Focus On What You Can Control: Why worry about the things you can’t control when you could instead focus on the things that depend on you? The universe is going to do it’s thing. Let it. There was a point in this year where every week I felt like I was getting bad news. Whatever the case, just keep going. Focus on what you CAN do.


Patience: Not gonna lie, I’m very impatient but I’ve gotten much better. I want to blame my impatience on being a true Sagittarius. We’re just very impulsive beings. Learn what works for you. I have a breathing technique. I may say a little prayer. Whatever is going to help me in that moment to not burn that m%thaf#cka down. When it comes to the bigger picture of the journey–THAT’S where my patience comes in. I’ve learned the journey is what it’s all about, not the destination.


Pay Attention To Who’s In Your Corner: Living in LA will show you how you could be with the same people every single day but that doesn’t mean you should consider them your friend. The same people that are in my corner are the same ones that’s been there for years and never switched up. Show your gratitude to those people. They keep you grounded.


In 2017, I worked as a  social media manager at an agency, had my own show on Dash Radio. Living in Los Angeles allowed me make a lot of connections that I feel will come full circle soon. Earned a spot on Billboard Magazine & Diddy’s 100 Trailblazers list- just to get signed as the only DeLeon Tequila female Ambassador in Washington, D.C a few months later. And alas, getting my  radio show on 93.9 WKYS-DC, the #7 radio market after working in market #42 (Norfolk, VA Beach). Woah dere! WHAT A JUMP!


So GO BIG ALL 2018! Because, WHY NOT!?


I’ve taken too many risk and learned too many gems to be worried about failure chile. In 2017, I cried over heartbreak, totaled my car, took some loses amongst other disappointments that were only redirecting my focus. There’s a version of me I have to show the world. So in 2018, let’s DO IT BIG DENNN!


Happy New Year to you!




  1. AJ

    Great Read!!

  2. Antoinette B.

    Good read Dee Dee! Keep it up girl!

  3. Dj3two1

    Without struggle there is no progress, dope read queen

  4. GorgeousNeva

    Proud !! I support anything I see your name on and you keep showing out …get it Divaaaaaa!!!

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