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Bae ASF Fitness Kit 2018


Prepare for the SNATCH mmkay!?

Dieting and fitness works best for me personally when it’s consistent.  Since I’ve been back on the east coast, especially over the holiday season, I’ve enjoyed every bite of my family’s home cooked meals. My great-grandma makes this double chocolate yellow chocolate that I wouldn’t dare pass up.


I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of being back home for the holiday with friends and family but now it’s time to get back focused on my body goals. To help with that, I searched Amazon for the following and made what I like to call my BAE ASF Fitness Kit.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Band to wear while I’m working out to help produce more sweat. I’ve never used a waist trainer corset, only waist sweat bands. They work and this company also sell other products that help produce more sweat.

They sent me one sample of one of their gels- keep ya posted on that.


Hydr8 Water Bottle will help me keep track of my water intake. It encourages slow water consumption and all I have to do is finish it twice everyday.


Food Planner Magnet to assist with planning out my meals and grocery list. Not only do I eat better when my diet is planned out but keeping the planner on display helps me keep my eye on the grocery list and hold myself accountable for sticking to my diet plan. 

Nutribullet High Speed Blender–  I’ve had a juicer before but everyone speaks so highly of the Nutribullet I’m excited about trying it. I just needed an easier way to get all of my greens, veggies and fruits on a more consistent basis. I’m going to do a quick cleanse too.


These are just a few items to keep me on top of my 2018 fitness goals. Just wanted to share for anyone who’s adamant about making their body goals come true this year. I know I am. Every item above is linked for purchases.

Let’s make Summer 2018 be we premiere our best bods yet!


  1. Kia

    What’s up Sis! I’m tryin the sweet sweat band and the sweet sweat workout enhancer and it really make you sweat a lot. My only thing is I really need someone to stay on me and keep focused. I’m sure when I start seeing more progress I will be more motivated. However, I will keep on pushing☺️

    • Dominique Da Diva

      I wanna try the work out enhancer, is it worth it!? And yes I agree, accountability is everything! Sometimes you’ve gotta just stay on yourself. Because it’s just that small voice in your head that tells you to skip the workout or eat the doughnut. #FIGHTBYKE LOL -Love, Diva

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